Bread platter with various spreads€ 4,50

Aperitif platter with dried beef, hams and manchego cheese€ 7,95

Bitterballen each€ 0,95

Torpedos each€ 1,30

Mixed olives€ 2,00

Dirty Nachos€ 7,95

Pulled pork, guacemole & jalapeño


Homemade croquettes (each)€ 1,20


Dirty Nachos€ 7,95

with pulled pork, guacemole and jalapeño


Homemade tartar of duck€ 10,90

Burgerduo€ 9,90

2 mini burgers El Campo style


Tataki bluefin tuna guacamen€ 14,95

greek yogurt | chia | pistachio | soy sauce


Gamba piri piri€ 9,90

with chili, mango and garlic


Pumpkinsoup€ 6,90

Mediterranean fish soup€ 7,90

Timbal of beetroot and fetacheese€ 7,90

Thai Mussels€ 9,90

Streaky bacon | oyster sause | pistachio nut | chili€ 11,90

Soft Taco€ 10,90

with chicken and Mexican vegetables


Sirloin salad€ 12,90

lettuce, mango, papaya, mint and thai sauce


Thai bowl€ 7,70

Vegan salad€ 9,90

spinach | Pakistani lentils | avocado | edamame, carrot | beet | radish | toast basil | tofu cheese | Thai peanut powder


Autumn salad€ 10,90

lamb´s lettuce, pumpkin, gorgonzola, granada, pumpkin seeds, rosemary


Risotto with mushrooms€ 14,95

Seafood risotto€ 17,90

Creamy Rice€ 18,90

with duck, foie and pumpkin


Sizzling fajitas€ 17,90

with chicken or prawn


Meat from the plancha

Hamburger El Campo€ 13,90

Vegan brioche burger€ 13,90

Lambs crown and stew€ 19,75

with sweet potato mash


Tournedos from the plancha€ 21,95

Surf and Turf€ 26,95

sirloin and prawns


Venison steak€ 22,95

with mashed potato, stewed pear, red wine sauce


Butchers choice (price for the day)€ 0,00


Pescado de la lonja (price for the day)€ 0,00

Sole€ 19,90

Codd pil-pil€ 18,75


Homemade ice cream (price per scoop)€ 1,95

yuzu | pistachio | speculoos | coconut | vainille | chocolate


Goats cheese cream€ 7,70

with figs and red wine


Chocolate surprise€ 7,95

Strawberry flambee€ 7,45

with port wine and sesame ice cream


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